Why we stand up.

Donald Trump’s agenda is taking America backwards and must be stopped. The things we hold most dear are under assault: our civil rights, our healthcare, our environment, and even our democracy. We Stand Up because we believe we must. We can no longer afford to be complacent.

We act locally. We empower.

We act locally.
We empower.

Members of Congress really only pay attention to those who have the power to vote for them. So we meet regularly with the offices of our three members of Congress here in CA District 12—Senators Feinstein and Harris, and Congresswoman Pelosi. We make clear the outcomes we want them to produce for us on current bills and other actions in Congress. When they stand firm, we thank them. When they don’t, we continue to take our message to them.

We also create a few simple call scripts each week so we can call our members of Congress en masse on the most time-sensitive issues. Read more.

We respect. We include.

We respect.
We include.

We are led entirely by passionate volunteers who believe in social, racial and economic justice. We welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our only requirement is that you oppose Trump’s policies and respect our Code of Conduct.

We welcome you to join us as we meet with our Members of Congress in their offices.  We invite you to come to our monthly meetings at the Noe Valley Library to hear about our impact and help set our future direction.  And of course, we hope to see you at our social events where you will enjoy getting to know a community of like-minded others who are working together to make a difference.

Join us

Join Us

If you live in San Francisco and want to change the course of this country, we invite you to join us. The best way to join our community is to sign up for our emails. You’ll get call scripts in your inbox, as well as invitations to our Member of Congress meetings, our monthly all-group meetings, and our social events. Curious about what our emails are like? If you check out our blog you’ll get an idea. ​